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This page may take some time to load. Please be patient there are many graphics here for you to view.  All the pictures are thumbnails. Click on them to see the larger view.

Over the years there have been many mediums of art that I have enjoyed, This page is dedicated to some of them. I have tried to break them down into categories to make it easy for you to view. I will continue to add items often so be sure to  check back soon. I have added a calendar to let you know when this page is updated.


This page last updated on     01/31/2002  

Murals! What a great way to express yourself with paint.  The bigger the better!  All of the murals below where painted with latex house paint. I have done several others but am still looking for the photos.  


muralhorse.jpg (23199 bytes)

The horse mural was done in a  child's  bedroom The background was faux painted, I painted the entire horse with a 2" brush

muralface.jpg (12617 bytes)

The nickelodeon was a donation to the local high school for a musical show.  Drop a coin in the slot and the notes light up! Stands 16' tall.

muralnicka.jpg (37926 bytes)

Painted the lady for myself

Credit for my love of beading jewelry has to go to the Jones sisters  who taught me the craft.
 Thanks L & J we sure have made some cool stuff!
Beading jewelry can be time consuming. Many times I found myself consumed by a particular piece not wanting to put it down
" just one more row".

jewelmine.jpg (23137 bytes)

On the left  are some unique designs most made with glass beads.  

jewelmad2.jpg (18819 bytes)

These are a series made with semi-precious stones. They are all the same style yet each one unique. 

jewelmad1.jpg (21760 bytes)



 Don't know what I was thinking decorated 12 of these fiber optic Christmas trees one year. "Merry Christmas"  Each one an original!  Stands 12" tall. 

xmastrees.jpg (43014 bytes)


Meadow.gif (42603 bytes)

Flowers.gif (14321 bytes)    

City.gif (13080 bytes)
Lisa.gif (14031 bytes)

These drawings were done many years ago when I was running Windows 3.1 the original paintbrush program. Soon I hope to have the time to use my wonderful graphic software to create some new drawings.  

Cooltree.gif (38562 bytes)


One thing that I really enjoy doing is painting and because I love anything miniature years ago I started working on the villages. There are all ceramic I buy the pieces unpainted and then I set to work painting. I have created one village for every holiday.  None if them is ever really finished I always seem to come across a new piece to paint.


xmasvill2.jpg (22236 bytes)

This is the Christmas village or Winter village.  All the houses light 

xmasvill.jpg (45799 bytes)

The train really works here you can see it going into the snow covered mountain tunnel.

xmasvill3.jpg (26148 bytes)
 Happy Valentine!

easter1.jpg (129193 bytes)

easter3.jpg (37881 bytes)

easter2.jpg (122796 bytes)
Happy Easter BOO!
eastervillage.jpg (52285 bytes) eastervillage2.jpg (54554 bytes) halloween.jpg (177179 bytes) halloween2.jpg (28690 bytes)



This is just a little bit of a new section I am going to call before and after. Soon it will have its own location. Here's just a little taste 
trailerbefore1.jpg (111686 bytes) On your left is my trailer before its makeover on the right the results of a few weeks hard work.  trailerafter.jpg (71249 bytes)

These are the before pictures of my basement....  I have no shame!!

swingsbefore.jpg (21658 bytes)floorbefore.jpg (19066 bytes)gymbefore.jpg (22316 bytes)

These are the after pictures of my basement..... I'm proud!

swings.jpg (27186 bytes)floorafter.jpg (19956 bytes)gymafter.jpg (21391 bytes)


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This page under construction.

Look here in the  future for for example of many other medias that I have worked in, including Murals, Sculpture, Painting, Drawing, Graphic design, Interior design and Landscaping.