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Of all the art mediums I have worked with over the years faux painting is by far my favorite.  The colors and techniques available are limited only to your imagination.  I am a certified faux painter and paperhanger since 1988. I received my faux arts training from Master Painter Richard Youlden of Boston, MA.  Since that time I have developed many of my own techniques and designs, I have applied these skills in over 100 homes.  On this page you will find a small collection of actual samples that are in my portfolio, I only regret that I didn't have room for more. And you can follow the thumbnails to view photos of some of my favorite faux finishes.

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If you have any questions for me about faux painting or wallpapering you can email me at fauxbeau@aol.com



These are a few samples of faux finishes I have done my complete portfolio contains nearly 100 original samples. 


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